Please have a look at the holiday calendar of Uplers Talent Connect for the year of 2021.
Occasion Day Date
Makar Sankranti Thursday 14th January 2021
Dhuleti Monday 29th March 2021
Diwali Thursday 04th November 2021
Indian New Year Friday 05th November 2021
Yearend* Monday 27th December 2021
Yearend* Tuesday 28th December 2021
Yearend* Wednesday 29th December 2021
Yearend* Thursday 30th December 2021
Yearend* Friday 31st December 2021
New Year Saturday 01st January 2022

*Holidays are subject to change for the Uplers Talent Connect pool. We are open to making changes for the listed holidays as per the prior informed business needs of the Client and need to be communicated to the respective Account Managers.

Uplers Talent Connect Policies
Generic Terms
  • The Talent will work for 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.
  • The Talent will be eligible for a total of 20 leaves, including 12 paid leaves and 8 public holidays.
Holiday Terms
  • The Talent cannot opt for more than two consecutive days of public holidays.
  • If the Client requests the Talent to work during public holidays, the Talent will be provided a compensatory-off for the same.
  • The Holiday Calendar will be updated in the month of January every year.
  • If the Client wants the Talent to utilize his/her paid holidays on any specific days as per the Client’s national holidays, this needs to be conveyed in advance at kick-off and the beginning of every year. This should also be agreed upon by Talent, and the Client can enforce a maximum of three such leaves per year.
  • In the same way, the Talent needs to put up his/her preference for public holidays during the year, and it needs to be conveyed to the Client at the time of kick-off, and any suggestions from the Client are to be considered and taken care of.
Leave Terms
  • The 12 leaves which the Talent has during the contract period will be considered based on the start date and end date of the contract.
  • The leave balance will be added to the Talent’s account on a pro-rata basis except for public holidays.
  • In case if the contract starts in the mid-year, the pro rata leaves will be considered till December. Also, at the end of the contract, all the accrued leaves will be elapsed.
  • The Talent will need the approval of all the leaves from the Client two weeks prior to the leave dates if the number of leaves is less than two consecutive days. If the leaves are for more than two consecutive days, the approval needs to be taken four weeks prior.
  • A maximum of three emergency leaves per year is allowed for the Talent. This process is subject to change based upon the end Client’s requirement or need.
  • Any leaves beyond the above entitlement will be considered as leave without pay. In any such circumstances, Uplers will deduct the amount from the Client’s billing as well as from the Talent’s payout.

In case of any doubts/queries, feel free to write to us at or get in touch with the respective Account Managers.