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JXT is a leading digital marketing service provider for recruiters in Australia. The company leads the market with its custom CMS (Content Management System) for developing websites for their clients. JXT has been making digital marketing simple for more than 800 recruitment organizations and giving them the tools, training and services they need to realize a real ROI.


Identifying the Problem - The First Step

"Demand for websites from JXT's clients was increasing, and they required an execution partner to help them scale their web dev output, as well as:

  • Ensure faster and hassle-free Hiring
  • Expand the pool of expertise
  • Retain expertise
  • Reliable service provider

JXT's Recruitment Challenges

As JXT moved ahead with their in-house expansion plans, there were a series of challenges they encountered along the way.

  • Shortage of right talent

    Shortage of right talent

    One of the first challenges was finding the right expertise or the right talent in Australia, as the options were very limited, most of which were already employed.

  • right talent

    Higher In-house Employment Costs

    Not only was it difficult to find the right talent, but the cost of hiring in-house in Australia exceeded the company’s recruitment budget.

  • Increased overhead cost

    Increasing Overheads

    Hiring in-house actually increased overhead costs for the company. Costs like expanded infrastructure and new hardware resources for the extended workplace came into the picture.

  • Freelancing lacked reliability

    Freelancers Lacked Reliability

    No matter how promising the idea seemed, previous experiences working with freelancers had shown that they could not rely on a team of individual freelancers.

  • Retention, the big challenge

    Retention, the bigger challenge

    A significant challenge for JXT was to retain its valuable and talented employees with high demand and high job turnover.

How Uplers Talent Connect Model Benefitted JXT?

With this model, JXT built a team of experts from our pool of vetted professionals and worked as an extension to JXT's in-house team.

  • A team following JXT's time zone, culture & work priorities
  • JXT trained talent to work according to their processes
  • Assured accountability and data safety
  • Skilled talent backup
  • Fulfilling urgent scalability requirements
  • Cost-Effective Hiring without compromising on skillset and quality of work
dedicated resource

Under the Talent Connect model, JXT had the freedom and control to manage the teams according to their time zone, culture, processes and work priorities.


To deliver the best expertise, we encouraged JXT to come onboard and train the team face-to-face, if needed. This yielded exceptional results in the long run.


Unlike individual freelancers, we took complete accountability for our talent and followed strict NDA norms, this took care of JXT’s reliability and security concerns.


With our pre-vetted talent, we ensured JXT an ongoing backup of 2-3 developers, which became active in case someone was on leave.


We were able to support JXT with urgent scalability requirements by expanding our talent pool for them on an urgent basis, just at a 15-days prior notice.


With our Talent Connect model JXT formed a team of 10-12 expert developers at almost 60% lower cost than its in-house team.

The End Result - 500 Websites in 5 Years

After fulfilling JXT's talent needs along with streamlining expectations, culture, and work methodologies, they were able to increase their Web Development output by 213% YoY. As a result, our talent team helped them build more than 500 websites in just five years. Since then, JXT has become the #1 digital marketing solutions provider for recruiters across Australia.




Rick Mare

CEO and Founder, JXT

Why Uplers

Qualified Assistance

We Understand Your Requirements

Before finding you the right team, our experts talk and understand your business needs along with the type of full time talent you require to achieve your objective. You can also request for assistance in understanding our process.

Competitive Intelligence

Matchmaking, the right way

We are known for curating and matchmaking, not just the best but the right talent. We screen and shortlist talent within 48 hours of receiving clarity on your requirements. Post which you can start interviewing the pre-vetted candidates.

Smart Multitasking

Walking an extra mile

As a top talent provider, our responsibilities don't end in matching you with the right talent. We'll also facilitate your talent's administrative, legal, HR, payouts, and IT needs post hiring.

Technical Competencies

Only the best ones make it

We entertain only the best talent. Hence, our vetting process is exhaustive - only the top 3.5% clears our technical and behavioral assessment tests.

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