We are an 8-year-old organization based out of India, empowering businesses across the globe to build a better digital ecosystem. Some of our esteemed Fortune 500 clients include Disney, Amazon, National Geographic, Ogilvy, Nestle, and Facebook among others.

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About Uplers Talent

A platform that connects India's top tech talent with global opportunities.

We strategically aim for long-term opportunities for India’s deserving talent and pay at par with the global pay scale. We make it easy for global companies to hire proficient and most suitable tech talent from our talent pool, which is curated after an extensive vetting process.

Our Story

Cost-Effective solutions

While the unique idea dates back to 8 years ago, the implementation got a thrust when the whole world promptly adopted the remote working option in 2020.

We all know that for a company to find just the right talent in the same city is like a luck of the draw. Similarly, for talented professionals, who deserve way better opportunities and pay, geographic barriers have always put a spanner in the works.

This cognizance prompted the founders of Uplers to create an ecosystem that bridges this gap between the talent and recruiters.

Moreover, after working closely with global clients for almost a decade, the founders realized that global companies are eager to set aside differences in geography, now more than ever, and onboard Indian talent to suit their requirements and budget.

Today, Uplers Talent Connect is turning the aspirations of India’s meritorious talent into reality while helping companies around the globe find the perfect talent for their requirements.

Pulling together the ideal match

Cost-Effective solutions
Companies around the globe are demanding for skilled tech talent, dealing with challenges like:
  • A huge tech talent deficit
  • Skyrocketing wages of tech talent in their vicinity
  • Long time-to-fill a position with suitable match

On the other hand, India
  • Is the global digital capabilities hub with 75% of global digital talent
  • Has an abundance of tech professionals with great caliber

With Uplers Talent Connect, all we are doing is bridging this gap by linking pre-vetted tech talent from India with opportunities available in the global market.

Our Mission

To connect global remote opportunities with the deserving tech talent of India.

Our Proposition

We make it radically easy for leading global brands to find the best tech talent for their hiring needs and India’s top techies find their dream job with global players.

Here's what you get with Uplers

  • Access to India’s top tech talent
  • Access to the most suitable, vetted talent
  • 50% cost advantage over hiring in-house
  • Unbelievable Talent Hiring and Onboard speed
  • Build your team faster than you think
  • Processes in place to ensure proactive communication
Hire Talent
  • Long-term work opportunities akin to full-time employment
  • Flexible and Remote work
  • Greater Payouts as compared to market rates
  • Flexibility to choose between Full and Part-time
  • Exposure to riveting, challenging work opportunities
  • Entry into an L&D driven community
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you curate talent?

The process of talent curation starts with filling an application form. Soon after, the talents will go through a series of assessments, and once they clear all rounds, they will be onboarded to the Uplers talent pool. A dedicated Talent Success coach is then assigned to the talents to connect them with the right opportunities.

How does the overall process work?

The process goes as follows:

  • Apply on Uplers website as a talent by filling an application form
  • Clear required assessments
  • Onboard to Uplers talent pool and create your profile
  • We will connect you with the right opportunities based upon your skill and experience
  • Start working directly with the client

How experienced are your developers?

All the developers carry a minimum 3 years of experience.

What will be the working hours of the talent?

The talent will work with you from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day with 20 paid leaves per year. We provide talent in all time zones.

How long will it take to hire a developer?

This can take between 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon the skills and experience you are looking for.